Michael usually starts with an initial one-hour consultation at your home. He evaluates your yard and makes simple recommendations, such as freshening up the landscape with new plants that are appropriate for the climate and conditions, and/or proposes structural changes in hardscape elements, such as walkways, patios, planters, and shade structures. In his consultation, he discusses design that will work for what you want to do with your outdoor space, such as entertaining, vegetable gardening, or meditating, and that will work for your budget.


Architectural Plans

After the consultations from which Michael gathers information about your needs and tastes, he designs your yard, providing you with working architectural drawings for your approval.


Hourly Advice / On-site Consultation

For many do-it-yourselfers and/or clients with simple designs, Michael can visit your site, map out space, and advise on drainage and design elements.


Plant Shopping and Placement

Michael can take you to nurseries where you can purchase plants at wholesale prices. At the nursery he helps you pick out plants that do well in your location and for the microclimates of your yard. After plant delivery, he can place the plants for you.


Outdoor Elements and Furniture Shopping

Michael can take you for discounted furniture, barbeque grills and fountains that will suit your taste and your landscape.

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