The Garden Bible

Transforming outdoor space is one of the hottest home trends today. It expands indoor square footage, makes a property more usable, keeps homeowners healthier whether they grow vegetables or swim laps. It also makes a neighborhood more aesthetically attractive.

The Garden Bible can help homeowners understand the challenges of their site and what needs to be done on an ongoing basis for their garden to develop and thrive. Explaining the many options available, this title will show you how to get it right first time. Many garden books explain how to grow specific...

Kinder Gardens: Autumn Fun

Extend your gardening season into autumn and enjoy those golden orange leaves and pumpkins with your children. With 235 color images, see for yourself that it's not too cold to still play outside. Games like soil bag obstacle course or creating borders for your spring flowers with a digging contest are perfect during this cooler time of the year. A little planning and a bunch of fun ideas can help you encourage your children's exploration and enjoyment of the garden no matter the time of year. Karden® is there waiting to make garden glove puppets and garden art brushes, go on a scavenger...

Kinder Gardens: Games and Adventures

A typical child spends only 4 to 7 minutes outside each day. You may wonder, How could that be? It's time to teach kids how much fun it is to play outside to romp in the dirt and run in the sun! Let Kinder Garden show you and your kids how gardening is a great form of exercise that will teach healthy eating while building brain muscles. Did you know that flowers are not the only things in the garden that bloom and grow kids do, too! Karden, the puppet pal, reminds us that, with just a leaf, you can have fun for hours outside in the garden. Karden introduces 25 fun games like building a...

Kinder Gardens: Growing Inspiration for Children

Join Kinder, a puppet pal who teaches a bucket-load of fun activities that encourage experimentation in the garden. Fun projects include turning umbrellas, rain boots, and old toys into gardens. Learn where vegetables come from, then grow your own. Over 250 color photographs bring the book to life, and start your children on their own horticultural adventure.

Visit Kinder at Kinder's Corner, a dedicated website for the book which includes activities for children, coloring books, gardening tips, and more.

Outdoor Designs for Living

Over 320 beautiful color photos and concise text address reclaiming lost outdoor areas and transitioning them into useful, enjoyable spaces. This delightful book provides ideas to create outdoor rooms for lounging and dining in front and back yards. Before and after images help readers visualize the myriad of possibilities they can create. Professionals will find inspiration with specific examples of design details and solutions for their clients because "good design is in the details."

Garden Getaways: Havens at Home

There is no need to make reservations, pack and rush to the airport to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  This book shows you how to transform a neglected portion of your yard into a private sanctuary that you can visit every day, anytime you like.